TEFL Equity Advocates was set up in April 2014 in order to speak out for equal professional opportunities for ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ English speaking teachers in ELT.

One of the main aims of the campaign is to encourage schools and organisations to establish egalitarian employment policies which will give equal opportunities to both ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ English speaking teachers. Some of these schools are listed in the Hall of Fame here.

Since then, it has grown to now feature a regularly updated blog, a job board, and most recently on-line teacher training courses on TEFL Equity Academy. Similarly to the rest of TEFL Equity Advocates activities, the aim of the courses is to further raise awareness of the profound ‘native speaker’ bias in ELT, and to give teachers the tools to overcoming it.

The aim of TEFL Equity Advocates has always been to be a place for discussion, exchange of ideas and above all a source of inspiration and motivation that change is possible. Also, I would like to make it clear from the start that this website and campaign is not only directed at ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. In fact, some of the best and most popular posts on the blog have come from ‘native speakers’. I would then be delighted if more ‘native speaker’ teachers joined the movement, publishing, commenting and advocating equal rights for all teachers. After all, we’re in it together. So if you are interested in the topic and would like to be published on the blog, get in touch.

Find out more about TEFL Equity Advocates from this presentation and the sections below.

Why TEFL Equity Advocates?

As a ‘non-native speaker’, I have faced discrimination myself on several occasions. I was fortunate that at the time I did not give up. I felt angry and frustrated, but I knew that I did not want the same to happen to other ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. And I hated the thought of letting the recruiters … Continue reading Why TEFL Equity Advocates?

Why does it matter?

You might be wondering if and why you should bother advocating equal professional rights for ‘native’ and ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. I addressed this point in the opening of my plenary at BBELT 2017 conference in Mexico. Below you can also see a list of 8 points that will hopefully highlight why it is indeed important … Continue reading Why does it matter?

Our goals

Acknowledge and expose the discrimination of ‘non-native speaker’ teachers in TEFL. Sensitise the public to the problem. Debunk the most common and damaging myths and stereotypes about ‘non-native speaker’ teachers . Reduce the number of job ads for ‘native speakers’ only. Give self-confidence to ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. Encourage ‘native speaker’ teachers to join the campaign … Continue reading Our goals


Would you like to write a guest post? Do you want to officially support the campaign? Have you got suggestions about the content and/or design of the blog? Have you written an article about NEST/NNEST issues we could upload to the resources section? Are you wondering how to get involved in the campaign? Have you … Continue reading Contact