Talk to the expert: Varinder Unlu, IH London Director of Studies

Diapositiva1I’m delighted to share with you another interview from the Talk to the Expert series. So far experts such as Peter Medgyes and David Crystal have kindly agreed to talk to TEFL Equity Advocates about the issue of discrimination many non-Native English Speaker Teachers (NNESTs) face in the TEFL/TESOl industry. This time we are joined by Varinder Unlu, who is the Director of Studies (DoS) at International House London.

She tells us how her career evolved and how she succeeded despite having faced some discrimination based on her skin colour. We then discuss whether students actually prefer to be taught by Native English Speakers (NESTs), as well as how as a DoS she put an equal hiring model into practice. Finally, we finish the interview suggesting possible ways of fighting against discrimination in TEFL/TESOL industry.

Click here to listen to the whole interview, or select the part that interests you most by clicking on the links next to the questions below.

Question 1 audio.


Question 2 audio.


Question 3 audio.

Diapositiva4Question 4 audio.

Diapositiva5Question 5  and 6 audio.



Question 7 audio.

Diapositiva8Question 8 audio.







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