Activities and lesson plans

In this section you’ll find short activities and whole lesson plans aimed at raising awareness of issues such as:

  • ELF and World Englishes
  • Native speakerism
  • qualities of good English teachers in general
  • egalitarian hiring policies
The activities here have been divided into those more suitable for the EFL/ESL classroom and for teacher training courses or PD programmes for teachers. If you’d like to submit a lesson plan or an activity, please get in touch here.
(NB This section is still under development and the lesson plans will be uploaded regularly, so please pop back every now and again to check what’s new. You can also follow TEFL Equity Advocates on FB or Twitter, or via email to get the updates.)

EFL and ESL classroom

In this section you can find links to lesson plans and activities aimed at raising students’ awareness of native speakerism in ELT and the issues surrounding it which are immediately relevant to them, such as World Englishes and ELF, or qualities of good English teachers. As more activities are added, they will be divided into different levels. If … Continue reading EFL and ESL classroom

Teacher training

In this section you will find various activities which have been designed to complement existing teacher training courses, such as CELTA or DELTA, or to be used as whole workshops for in-house professional development sessions. If you’d like to submit an activity or a workshop, please get in touch here. ‘I am just me’ by … Continue reading Teacher training