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Running TEFL Equity Advocates over the last two years would not have been possible without all those individuals who have donated their time, expertise and helped with the website and other ventures of TEFL Equity Advocates along the way. I can’t possibly list them all here (you know who you are!), but if I can list a few, then my special thanks would go to:

  • James Taylor – for hosting the webinars and preparing webinar and conference posters
  • Jonathan Cordero – for designing the logo
  • Robert McCaul – for designing the business cards and joining me for two great conference talks
  • John Arnold and the rest of the BELTA team for allowing me to use their webinar room
  • Ahmar Mahboob, Tyson Seburn and all of the webinar presenters so far
  • Nick Michelioudakis, Michael Griffin and all those who have written articles for the blog
  • Jeremy Harmer, TESOL France and all the individuals and teaching associations who support TEA
  • Bell UK, IATEFL Jobs Market and all the schools and on-line job boards from the Hall of Fame who embrace equal employment opportunities for native and non-native speakers
  • Scott Thornbury and countless other people who have already added the TEA supporter badge to their website or blog.

Nevertheless, running TEFL Equity Advocates – its website, blog, social media sites, YouTube channel, webinars, lesson plans – contacting schools, on-line job boards and teaching associations to persuade them to implement equal employment opportunities; getting in touch with potential contributors to the blog and webinar presenters; going to conferences to give talks about equal employment opportunities in ELT; as well as editing, proofreading and revising the articles on the blog – it all takes a lot of time and effort every month. As you can imagine, it also takes money.

So if you appreciate the work TEFL Equity Advocates has been doing so far, or find any value in it, and if you would like it to continue expanding, developing and growing,  consider a one-off or regular donation. If you can’t make a donation, please consider talking to your school or director of studies and telling them in what ways TEFL Equity Advocates has helped you develop professionally, and ask them to become a donor.
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If you cannot or do not want to contribute financially, but you still find TEFL Equity Advocates work valuable, consider adding TEA supporter badge to your website. You can also help by simply talking about TEA with your colleagues! If you’d like to help or get involved in any other way, please get in touch.

The funds raised through your donations will be used to continue and expand TEFL Equity Advocates work and you will be notified through the blog as to how and when the money has been spent.

There are two upcoming expenses. The first involves printing posters and leaflets, which James Taylor has designed (thanks, James!) for IATEFL 2016 conference in Birmingham, where TEA was given a stand at the Jobs Market fair (thanks, Marjorie and Glenda!). The confirmed cost is £73. I pasted the poster below for you to see, and you can check the receipt here.

TEA IATEFL poster.jpeg

The second expense concerns the monthly TEA webinars. So far, the use of the room has been completely free (big thanks to James Taylor, John Arnold and the rest of the BELTA team), but due to increased costs of the room, TEA will have to contribute to the overall fee. The estimated cost is £150. This would cover the cost of the webinar room for the whole year, which means you could continue enjoying them every month. So if you have watched and benefitted from the previous webinars, which can be all found here, please consider contributing some money so we can keep them running.

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Some other planned and tentative expenses for the near future include:

  • organising an on-line conference dedicated to the topic of NS, NNS, ELF and equality in ELT
  • preparing posters and infographics which schools could use in their class/staffroom
  • paying for a TEFL Equity stand in the exhibitors area ata future ELT conference
  • seeking legal advice about the legal status of third party job ads for native speakers only on on-line job boards
So if you’d like to financially support any of the above projects, you can do so, by donating using the Paypal button below: