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Hi! My name is Marek and I’m the founder of TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy. I profoundly believe that all English teachers, regardless of their nationality or mother tongue should be judged based on their ability to teach and given equal professional opportunities. That’s why at TEFL Equity we’ve been working hard to provide you and other ELT professionals with tools to promote equality and tackle native speakerism.

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Learn how to get TEFL jobs as a non-native speaker

Learn How to Get Hired as a Non-Native Speaker Teacher

Would you like to finally learn how to get TEFL jobs as a non-native speaker (despite the widespread preference for native speakers)? Download this FREE guide below.

Teach English for Global Communication

Want to help your students communicate more effectively in international contexts? Download this FREE checklist and start teaching English for global communication.

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Learn how to teach English as a Lingua Franca

While we all know that English is – and has been for a long time – the global lingua franca, primarily used for communication between its ‘non-native speakers’, this idea is yet to have a meaningful impact on how we teach the language. In this book, written together with Robert Lowe, we suggest how we could teach English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), and how this might differ from teaching EFL or ESL. 

We review over 20 years of research about ELF language use and present over 40 practical activities showing how this research can be applied in class to teach listening, pronunciation, communicative skills…

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