Talk to the Expert: interview with Dale Coulter

Dale Coulter has taught in a variety of teaching contexts for the past five years including general English, younger learners and Business English. He now specialises in corporate language training and is the Human Resources Manager for All on Board in Berlin. Acronyms: NEST – native English speaking teacher NNEST – non-native English speaking teacher […]

'Is the TEFL industry in Ireland a meritocracy?' by Stephen Bruce

Stephen Bruce has been a teacher since 2001, working in Italy and Dublin in that time. He has gravitated towards the areas of EAP, ESAP and exam preparation and wrote about Silence in the Classroom for his M.Phil. in English Language Teaching. At present, he is the EAP coordinator for Dublin International Foundation College. He […]

'I am Hank, or being a NNEST in Prague' by Karin Krummenacher

All names used in this article have been changed. The conversations and emails quoted in this article have been pieced together from various conversations the author has had over the years, which nevertheless in the author’s opinion accurately convey the current and real situation in the local ELT market. I met Larry in a café […]

"Ain't no mountain high enough" by Ratna Ragunathan

The Beginnings Let me introduce myself. My name’s Ratna and I’m currently working as a teacher at the British Council, Malaysia. I’ve been teaching English for the past 9 years and it’s been a great journey this far. I’m truly grateful for the many people who’ve been a part of my teaching journey, shaping me […]