'Cheeky Postcards: Lessons learned from being a trainer on TEFL courses' by Daniel Baines

A teacher trainer, Daniel Baines, sheds light on the alleged advantages of native English speakers as language teachers from his experience on intensive initial teaching training courses. Daniel’s bio can be found below the article. Intensive teaching certificate courses, or TEFL courses, flourish throughout Europe and a cross-section of a TEFL school at any given […]

'It's what the students want' by James Taylor

One of the most common counter arguments you’ll hear if you get into an argument about the qualities of native vs non-native teachers is “Well, it doesn’t really matter as this is what the students want anyway. I’m just meeting their expectations.” I really don’t buy this point of view, not for any research based […]

'My passion is being lost' by Anita Lewicka

My passion for teaching is being lost.  Or, I’m losing the passion as the world around me seems to be giving up on me. In contrast to the world, however, I haven’t given up yet! So, below you may find some flicker of hope when carefully reading between the lines of self-portrayal. My thoughts present […]