You have the power to change the status quo

It’s been ages since I last wrote a post for TEA blog, which in a way is great, because it means that there have been more and more post from guest bloggers. The PhD that I’ve recently started is also taking up most of what I used to call ‘free time’, but now is more […]

'Non-academic edge' by Anes Mohamed

“If you are not white, you are missing out” Louis CK Having been an ELT teacher for a long time, I feel I am well placed to vouch for the self‐evident truth of the above quote. In fact, in that same stand‐up comedy show, Louis CK drives this point home when he wittily challenges white […]

Interview with the IATEFL President, Marjorie Rosenberg

In this interview from the Talk to the Expert series, I had the pleasure of talking to Marjorie Rosenberg, who is the current IATEFL President. Recently, IATEFL decided to stop publishing job ads on their Jobs Market site which are for Native English Speakers only. So, in this interview we discuss the reasons behind this […]

'Native speakerism as a form of racism' by Kirill Degtyarenko

This article was originally published on 24th November 2014 @ low-throughput blog here. Racism, as well as native speakerism, only survive if they are constantly reinforced through daily discourses that make them seem natural, increasing their power through making them invisible and less likely to be challenged. Todd Ruecker Six, no, wait, seven months after my […]