'Psychology and the NEST brand' – an upcoming webinar with Nick Michelioudakis

From: http://www.iatefl.org/annual-conference/birmingham-2016

These are the Plenary Speakers for the IATEFL 2016 Convention. Number of NNESTs: 1. 1 out of 5? What’s wrong with the NNEST team? Perhaps we need a new coach?!

Let me state at this point that in my opinion IATEFL is one of the best TEFL organisations in the world and certainly the most PC one around (notice the men – women ratio and the great Jan Blake on the right). And yet… And yet…

Why does this happen? And not only at IATEFL, but many other conferences. For example, TESOL Italy 2015 had four plenary speakers, none of whom were NNEST, let alone Italian! TESOL France 2015 – 0 out of 3. TESOL Macedonia-Thrace – 0 out of 4. The list could go on.

So why does this happen? I believe the answer lies in our brains’ heuristics and biases. This webinar aims to give some answers about why we continue to see NNESTs as ‘the inferior brand’, why the vast majority of EL teachers are faced with a ‘glass ceiling’ and why most of us continue to feel there are good reasons things are the way they are.

Among the questions the webinar aims to answer are the following:

  • How can you make sure your essay gets a high mark?
  • Which low-tech device is a woman’s best friend?
  • Why were so many top athletes born under the Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces sign?
  • Which soft drink tastes better? Pepsi or Coke?
  • I am not a racist, am I?
  • How can you get your VW Sharan for $ 2,000 less?
  • How can you tell if a man is successful?
  • How can you maximise the chances of your CV getting a response?
  • How can you get people to like you?

[NB: The Webinar is not about techniques and activities, it is about Psychology. The concepts that will be presented (The Halo Effect / The Mere Exposure Effect / Pluralistic Ignorance etc.) can help make sense of a number of aspects of real life – from gender discrimination to racism].

How can I join the webinar?

TEA webinar poster - Nick
Designed by @theteacherjames


The webinar is free of charge and no registration is necessary. To join follow these steps:

  1. Click on (or copy and paste) this link: http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/belta
  2. Enter as a guest. Use your full name and your country in brackets, e.g. Marek Kiczkowiak (Poland)

To check what time the webinar will be happening in your time zone, click on this link.

[Nick Michelioudakis has been a Teacher / Teacher Trainer for longer than he cares to remember. To see some of his published work, you can visit his blog at www.michelioudakis.org or his YouTube channel (‘Comedy for ELT’ / ‘Psychology and ELT’)]

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Leda R. Demboscki
5 years ago

I thought Silvana Richardson was a NNEST. Is she not?

Christopher Jenks
5 years ago

The privileging of NESTs stems, in part, from a history of linguistic chauvinism and saviorism in the ELT profession… A shame this still exists in 2016.

Silvana Richardson
Silvana Richardson
5 years ago

Hi! Yes, I’m Argentinian, and my mother tongue is Spanish, and while I’ve lived in the UK for 15 years now I consider myself very Argentinian and I will never be a native speaker of English. So yes, the ratio is not 5 :0.


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