Do you have an accent? – a lesson plan

Have you ever had people comment on your accent? Sometimes, these comments can be very positive: oh, you have such a lovely accent. But sometimes, they can also be rather negative. And the truth is that we all have certain subconscious biases towards and against certain accents. We think of some as posh, while others […]

The ‘native speaker’ myth: vocabulary

The other day when I was scrolling through FB, I came across this post by Hugh Dellar: It reminded me of the assumption that many students, but also teachers and recruiters, hold; namely, that: a) any ‘native speaker’ knows more vocabulary than any ‘non-native speaker’ can ever hope to know b) as a result, any […]

5 Principles You Should Follow to Teach Listening for English as a Lingua Franca Use

It’s no secret that English has become the global lingua franca. We all know that English has become the global lingua franca used primarily for communication between ‘non-native speakers’. The problem is, though, that many course books: still focus a lot on a very narrow range of ‘native speaker’ accents if recordings of ‘non-native speakers’ […]