Three CV Tips You Must Follow to Get Hired as a Non-Native Speaker Teacher

I probably don’t need to tell you that getting a job as a ‘non-native speaker’ teacher can be tough. You’ve probably discovered that yourself by now.

But I’m not here in this blog post to moan, complain or despair.

To the contrary!

I want to show you that it is not only possible, but in fact relatively straightforward to get past that initial bias against ‘non-native speakers’ that many ELT recruiters still have. And the crucial first step that you MUST get right is your CV.

It’s the first impression the recruiter will get of you.

It’s what the recruiter will judge you on.

It’s your door to the interview.

And getting hired as a ‘non-native speaker’ will be sooooo much easier when you learn how to craft a rock-solid CV.

That’s why I’ll share with you my three top CV tips you need to follow to get hired as a ‘non-native speaker’ teacher. You will learn exactly how to write a CV that grabs the recruiter’s attention, stands out from the crowd and gets you invited to the interview.

You’re going to learn:

1. What the ideal length of a CV is

2. How much time (on average) a recruiter is likely to spend looking at your CV

3. How to tailor your CV to the specific job ad

4. One simple (but vital!) trick to ensure your CV doesn’t end in the bin, but gets the attention it deserves

Sounds good?

Would love to hear your thoughts, so let me know in the comments section whether these tips were helpful.

But now, let me ask you this…

As a ‘non-native speaker’ teacher, would you like to learn how to boost your professional profile and drastically boost your chances of getting a job?

If your answer is yes, then download this FREE guide below.

Learn How to Get Hired as a Non-Native Speaker Teacher

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