Varinder Unlu

How to highlight your strengths and get hired as a non-native speaker teacher

Over the years I have noticed that quite a lot of us ‘non-native speakers’ tend to at times lack faith in their own abilities. Have you ever:

  • worried about having a foreign accent?
  • been nervous about making language mistakes?
  • thought that a ‘native speaker’ would surely be better able to teach students vocabulary?
  • felt like you have to prove you’re a good teacher every time you apply for a job or walk into a classroom because you’re a ‘non-native’?

I have on many occasions in my career. It’s actually amazing how much we worry about as ‘non-native speakers’.

Forgetting that being a ‘non-native speaker’ actually carries many advantages for you as a teacher.

Forgetting that as a ‘non-native speaker’ you can be a great professional.

I was reminded of this again just last week in a discussion in our FB group (if you haven’t joined, click here – we’d love to have you). So one of the group members said this:

the recruiters prefer native speakers so that their students pick up the right pronunciation and utterances of words. That’s beyond the right “stress” and suitable accent. For me as an Arabic mother tongue speaker, I will always produce English in an Arabic Accent.

And another said this: 

Some problems are in my own head. There is still the stereotype that we suck and we are second class teachers. There is definitely that narrative out there. And I think sometimes I just don’t feel strong enough to convince myself that this is utter nonsense. The insecurity, anxiety, and occasional lack of confidence often lead to excuses I make and sometimes apathy i.e. vicious circle.

If you’ve felt like this at some point as a ‘non-native speaker’, I completely get it.

I’ve been there myself.

Now the question is, how can you become confident? How can you learn to believe in yourself and your abilities?

This is essential if you want to improve your job opportunities.

So in this video you will hear from Varinder Unlu, who is a school director at Speak Up London, a school in London owned and founded by a high-school friend of mine, a non-native speaker – told you, the sky is the limit as a ‘non-native speaker’ 🙂

You will learn how to highlight your strengths and get hired as a ‘non-native speaker’ teacher. Specifically you’ll learn:

  • why you shouldn’t be put off by ads for ‘native speakers’ only
  • how to ensure your CV gets you the interview
  • how to sell yourself and be confident
  • the importance of just ‘going for it’

Sounds good? Watch the interview below.

If you enjoyed this short interview extract, then you’ll love the FREE e-book I prepared for you.

You will learn the 5 easy-to-follow steps you need to take now in order to start getting hired as a ‘non-native speaker’ teacher.

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