Our goals

  1. Acknowledge and expose the discrimination of ‘non-native speaker’ teachers in TEFL.
  2. Sensitise the public to the problem.
  3. Debunk the most common and damaging myths and stereotypes about ‘non-native speaker’ teachers .
  4. Reduce the number of job ads for ‘native speakers’ only.
  5. Give self-confidence to ‘non-native speaker’ teachers.
  6. Encourage ‘native speaker’ teachers to join the campaign and actively support their colleagues.
  7. Provide support and advice in cases of discrimination.
  8. Give ‘non-native speaker’ teachers the knowledge and the tools to fight for their rights.
  9. Diminish the divide between the two groups by encouraging cooperation and dialogue.
  10. Gain support of teaching associations for the campaign and encourage them to publicly denounce discrimination.
  11. Work together with recruiters to ensure both ‘native’ and ‘non-native speaker’ teachers enjoy equal employment opportunities.

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