There are many anti-discrimination associations in the world. Many countries will have at least one. They’re all extremely helpful (I’m speaking from experience) and offer free legal advice in the matters of discrimination.

If you know any that could be added to the list, please let us know in the comments section.

  1. Equinet – a pan-European organisation which fights for equity. You will also find there links to anti-discrimination organisations in different EU member states
  2. The Fair List – founded and run by Tessa Woodward focuses on gender equality within TESOL/TEFL
  3. The Disabled Access Friendly Campaign – The free teaching material available on the site of the voluntary Disabled Access Friendly campaign combines teaching English as a foreign language with raising awareness about mobility disability issues.  This means that the EFL classroom becomes a vehicle for promoting social awareness, respect for others, fairness and equality.  In this way teachers can build pathways to understanding, caring and action.  The Disabled Access Friendly campaign received the 2014 ELTons award for “Innovation in Teacher Resources”.
  4. COOPERATIVA SERVEIS LINGÜÍSTICS DE BARCELONA (CSLB) – if you’re working in are around Barcelona, join CSLB in their work to improve working conditions and professional development opportunities of ELT professionals.
  5. Drive for Quality Education of English – a recently set up grass-roots movement based in Japan. read more about their aims here.

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