Sexism, racism, ageism and native speakerism – job ads in ELT

Earlier this year Marek Kiczkowiak and I gave a talk at TESOL Spain in Vitoria-Gasteiz about native speakerism in teacher training (you can download the ppt here).  In preparation for the talk, I set up a survey on general issues of discrimination in ELT to get an idea of different attitudes about discrimination in general, […]

'The N factor': spreading equality in your workplace – by Sarah Priestley

After watching Silvana Richardson’s IATEFL 2016 plenary ‘ The native factor, the haves and have-nots’ this April I immediately asked myself what I could do to raise awareness of some of the issues Silvana highlighted.  Through meeting Marek on Twitter we started chatting about my ideas.  So, this post is to share with you the […]

TESOL Spain position statement against discrimination

Recently, TESOL Spain has issued a position statement against discrimination in ELT, opposing job ads that require the candidate to be a ‘native speaker’, have ‘native-like’ fluency, or speak with ‘standard’ English. I had a chance to talk to the current president of TESOL Spain, Annie Altamirano, to find out a bit more about the statement […]

Stand up and be counted – by Adam Beale

I recently started to apply to other academies here in Madrid. Several had been recommended by friends and colleagues and so I decided to send off my CV. I had an interview at one for a senior position, but no luck. I persevered and tried for another of the schools on my recommended list. Within […]

'Tackling native speakerism in ELT' – recording of the IATEFL 2016 panel discussion

This is the audio and video recording of the panel discussion on native speakerism in ELT Burcu Akyol, Josh Round, Christopher Graham and I did at IATEFL 2016. In it we addressed the problem of favouritism ‘native speakers’ enjoy in ELT from the perspective of a ‘non-native speaker’, recruiter and a teacher trainer. Each of the presenters offered some practical solutions for moving towards greater professional equality between ‘native’ and ‘non-native speakers’. There was also a 30 minute Q&A session.

Interview with Nik Peachey – 'bucking the NS trend'.

In this Talk to the Expert interview TEA talks to Nik Peachey, who is currently a recruiter at an on-line school English Up. We discuss his views about NESTs and NNESTs, hiring policies, and the reasons why he thinks bilingual teachers have an advantage over monolingual ones. The interview was trigger by a very interesting post […]