In this section you can find links to interviews with linguists, recruiters, EFL/ESL experts and teacher trainers conducted by TEFL Equity Advocates, as well as those found on the Internet which are related to the topic of the discrimination against ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. I hope that they will show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that the vast majority of EFL/ESL professionals and linguists staunchly oppose the notion of the superiority of native speakers.

Academic directors/Recruiters

  1. Students want what they are told to want – Andrew Woodberry, a former director of studies and recruiter in a language school in Costa Rica, discusses whether students actually want to be taught by native speakers, and argues that this need has been artificially created and propagated by the TEFL industry itself.
  2. An audio interview with Varinder Unlu, the Director of Studies in International House London, where we discuss – among other things – whether and how many students actually prefer ‘native speaker’ teachers.
  3. Struggle for equal employment rights for nNESTs in Malaysia. In a response to TEFL Equity Advocates’ enquiry, the manager of a big EFL teacher training program in Malaysia tells us how he has fought to implement a hiring policy based on credentials, struggling against some deep-rooted stereotypes.
  4. Interview with Isabela Villas Boas, Academic Superintendent at Casa Thomas Jefferson
  5. Interview with Dale Coulter, HR Manager in All on Board, Berlin
  6. Interview with Nik Peachey: ‘bucking the NS trend’

ELT professionals:

  1. The strengths and weaknesses of NESTs and nNESTs when teaching pronunciation – a very informative and balanced article by Katy Simpson and Laura Patsko.
  2. Luke Meddings, Hugh Dellar and Scott Thornbury speak out against native speaker favouritism – watch the videos here.


  1. Interview with Peter Medgyes – probably the best-known and the most staunch advocate of equal employment opportunities for ‘non-native speaker’ teachers talks to TEFL Equity Advocates about the current status of ‘non-native speakers’ and suggests some ways forward. You can read more about Peter Medgyes and his work here.
  2. Interview with David Crystal about the status and role of native and non-native English speaker teachers in TEFL/TESOL.
  3. Interview with Jennifer Jenkins about English as a Lingua Franca
  4. A video in which David Crystal answers a question at ELT Forum condemning the discrimination against ‘non-native speaker’ teachers in EFL/ESL industry.

Teacher Trainers:

  1. Interview with Steve Oakes, Head of Teacher Training in IH Budapest and the co-author of the Speak Out series.
  2. Interview with Ken Lackman, a freelance teacher trainer and a former director of studies.
  3. ‘Cheeky postcards: lessons learned from being a teacher trainer on TEFL courses’ – an article by Daniel Baines
  4. ‘From teacher recruiter to teacher trainer – some thoughts from the front line’ – an article by Christopher Graham

Representatives of Teaching Associations:

  1. Interview with Rosa Aronson, the Executive Director of the TESOL International Association
  2. Interview with Bethany Cagnol, former TESOL France president
  3. Interview with Marjorie Rosenberg, the current IATEFL President
  4. Interview with Helen Strong, the current chair of MELTA
  5. Interview with Anie Altamirano, the current president of TESOL Spain

You can also find many statements of support for the ‘non-native speaker’ teachers movement from various well-known EFL/ESL professionals, such as Jeremy Harmer, and teaching organisations in the Support us page. If you’d like to further support the movement, add the supporter’s badge to your site. If you would like to be interviewed, please use the Contact section.