In this section, I’d like to share with you videos available on YouTube on the topics of native speakerism in ELT and ELF. Some of these videos are recordings of conference talks, while others summaries of important research that has been done. I won’t share here the videos recorded by TEFL Equity, but please visit TEFL Equity YouTube channel to see them. There you’ll find recordings of past webinars as well as many interviews with prominent ELT figures.

Conference Talks:

  1. ‘The Invention of the Native Speaker. Multilingual, 2.0?’ by Thomas Paul Bonfiglio.

  2. ‘The Native Factor, the haves and the have-nots’ by Silvana Richardson (recording available here).
  3. ‘The Monolingual Paradigm and the Postmonolingual Condition’ by Yasemin Yıldız

  4. ‘English as an International Language (EIL)’ by Farzad Sharifian

  5. ‘Mythes et sciences: The ideology of “standard” language’ by Shana Poplack

    6.   ‘English as an international language: implications for classroom teaching’ by Penny Ur

     7.   ‘Focus on Global English’ by Richard Cauldwell, Laura Patsko and Katy Simpson

8.  ‘Pronunciation matters – rethinking goals’ by Robin Walker

Summaries of important concepts

  1. ‘Linguistic imperialism’ by Robert Philipson

2.  ‘English as a Lingua Franca’ by Martin Dewey

3.  ‘World Englishes’ by David Crystal

Summaries of academic papers

  1. ‘Native and Non-Native Teachers of L2 Pronunciation: Effects on Learner Performance’ by Levis, J., Sonsaat, S., Link, S. and Barriuso, T. A. (2016). TESOL Quarterly, early view. Available on-line here.

2.  ‘White Native English Speakers Needed: The Rhetorical Construction of Privilege in Online Teacher Recruitment Spaces’. Ruecker, T. and Ives, L. (2015). TESOL Quarterly, 46/4, p. 733-756. Available on-line here.

3.  ‘World Englishes: Implications for International Communication and English Language Teaching’. Kirkpatrick, A. (2007). Cambridge University Press.

4. Initial teacher training courses and non-native speaker teachers. Anderson, J. (2015). ELT Journal, 70(3), 261-274.

Of course, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. So if you come across any other videos on the subject, please get in touch and I’ll add them to the list. You might also enjoy the Reading List, which has links to academic publications and blog posts on the topic which are freely available on the Internet.