As a ‘non-native speaker’, I have faced discrimination myself on several occasions. I was fortunate that at the time I did not give up. I felt angry and frustrated, but I knew that I did not want the same to happen to other ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. And I hated the thought of letting the recruiters get away with it. I’m just very stubborn by nature, I guess.

The first breakthrough came when I got an article published in ELGazette where I exposed and denounced the widespread discrimination of ‘non-native speaker’ teachers. The second one came when I joined Budapest nNEST FB group and started connecting with other like-minded teachers. Until then I had not realised that there were so many organisations, FB groups and blogs, or that so much has been written about the topic.

pulling strings

I decided that we needed a place where we could channel our frustration at the discriminatory status quo in a positive way, and campaign for equity of all teachers. I wanted other ‘non-native speakers’ to feel that there is hope. To share stories of teachers who succeeded despite the discrimination. That there are numerous people and organisations who support them. And that together, we can make TEFL/TESL industry more equal for all teachers, regardless of their nationality.

So be proactive and get involved in the campaign!

Read more about the campaign in Our Goals and Why does it matter? sections.